Post 2 Peak Home Inspections

 Home Inspection Reports


After your home inspection is complete, you will receive a detailed home inspection report that outlines all of our findings.

As we mentioned above, we pride ourselves in being very detailed – and we do this to protect you as our client. But we also make sure that our inspection reports are easy-to-read and easy to reference during negotiations.

We do this by including digital photos in your report. This way, when you are showing the issues to contractors later on, they can easily identify the problems and give you a more accurate quote.

We also make sure that our descriptions are clear, and that you understand how to proceed. We also make sure that we help you differentiate between smaller issues and the larger issues in your home.

Our reports are generated so that they are easy to read in print, on computers, and on mobile devices.

We inspect properties in Montgomery and surrounding counties in Ohio